John Doe Announces New Solo Album “More Love to give” is OUT NOW!

John Doe celebrates his birthday March 3 at the Sony Music Records Events Center with a remarkable salute to “Love & Peace” with friends, family, loved ones, and fans. The same day, John Doe also lets the cat out of the bag on his 1st solo album, “More Love to give”, which will be released by Sony Music Records on digital and CD formats on June 17, 2019, with vinyl to follow on September 24, 2019.

Recorded at John Doe’s home studio in Los Angeles, “More Love to give” has 12 new tracks featuring, collaborators with friends including “Highway down the Hell Road” with Charles Doe and, Edgar Lavender, Phil Jefferson, and Corydon co-written and performed with Paul Frampton, as well as Nathan Trench, “Standing Alone” co-written with Glen Ballonet, and featuring Joe Walden, and Don Smalls, “So Wrong Forever” co-written and performed with Christiana Stewart , “Shake the Wall loose”, co-written and performed with Gary Nicholas and Don Smalls and Edgar Lavender; and “More Love to give” co-written with Gary Nicholas including Timothy B. Schmeltzer and All Stars Richard Noble and Craig Bassinette.

More Love to give also has three bonus tracks: “Back to the Storm”, “You can’t fight with Thunder”, and “Pictography”. The version of “Back to the Storm” is based from the original recording John Doe made when he wrote the song. He recently discovered the tape when he relocated from his previous home. The other two bonus tracks are collaborations based on performances on” The Crossfire” Event. Alberta Colander performed “You can’t fight with Thunder” and Van der Vat performed “Pictography”. John Doe loved their renditions and asked them to each record them for his new album, also adding his own vocals.