We are a rock band formed in 2010. We are a quartet of musicians with a lead vocalist, drummer, bassist, and guitarist. Two of our members met while working at 888 Casino in the UK.

We changed our names in 2011 before finally settling for the name we use today. Our manager John Doe is often thought to be a member of the band and he is. We released our first album: “Miasma Blue” in 2012, and “Saratoga Heights” in 2013. The latter album was our debut release with a bigtime label after signing with Sony Music. We have achieved considerable fame across the globe with the release of our smashing single titled “Andalusia” which is a hit song from our sophomore album. From there, it has been a spontaneous upward growth with our music vigorously relished across the globe.

Our music is as historical as our meeting. We first met during a concert at Coachella in 2010 and we spent the rest of that year forming a band which we called “The Stone Fish”. We changed names a couple of times; a mutation with our changing creative perspective. Subsequently, one of our members left the band. After performing gigs in Camden, we met Charles Doe who became our second guitarist.

Our band line was finally complete with the introduction of James Doe in 2011. James had grown up playing the Ukulele, guitar and piano and he quickly wowed us with his intriguing keyboard expertise lighting up our song writing process with unique excitement. The band finally settled on its present name after it was given to us by an Oxford local student who had heard us play.

The release of “San Diego Nightfall” in 2013 was a runaway success that overshadowed both previous albums. It was also a tumultuous year because Charles Doe was fired from the band after he was caught using drugs. He was later brought back into the band and we’ve gone on to sell over 30 million albums around the world. Such a tremendous record from when we started.

At present, we are going on tour of Europe and North America after the release of our third studio album which was received with acclaim selling over five million copies in North America and three million in the UK. You can get the album on the merchandising page of the site.